Build your block.
Save Moran.

We need your help.

Help Moran by donating, building a block, and sharing your support.

With your help, we’ll be able to begin renovations on the historic site and start transforming Moran into the extraordinary cultural landmark and community center that it has the potential to be.

What is a block?

Each block symbolizes a piece of the Moran Plant building—a piece that you can help build. Together, all of the blocks created in the app make up the foundation of what Moran stands for: community. Building a block allows you to donate, customize your profile, share ideas for the building, and see blocks from your friends.

Why should I build a block?

By building a block, you will help fund the essential work needed to reach construction. Beyond funding the project, building a block helps to show community support for the project. Sharing your involvement with Moran will raise awareness and improve our fundraising efforts overall.

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